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Game Developer in Scratch

Game Developer in Scratch
Price 599 PLN
For children aged 9 to 12
For children aged 13 to 15

Game Developer in Scratch

Send your child on an extraordinary journey to the fantastic world of programming, where learning is an adventure, and play is the cornerstone of developing creativity and logical thinking! Your child will learn to create amazing games and animations in Scratch on our course. Your child will also learn the secrets of loops, variables, and conditions – the fundamentals of programming, which can be used not only in games but also in other projects they may create.

Scratch classes are not only great fun but also great learning. Children will have the opportunity to develop skills that are essential in today's world, such as creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving ability. Allow your child to enter the world of programming and technology in a fun and educational way. Prepare them for a future where coding skills will be even more desirable and useful. Join our adventure today!

12 Lessons
1 lesson per week
1 × 60 min

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Why it's worth learning Scratch programming?

Developing creativity
Planning and predicting
Algorithmics and math

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